Monday, January 2, 2012

Artist Date January 2-9

Where would you like to explore this week?  What ideas are popping into your head as you think about what is important to your creative life?  When  will you plan for your next artist date?

Remember:  An artist date is time for you to explore your creative journey.  YOU get to decide what an artist date is for you.  The best thing to do right schedule in that time.  And "fill the well".


Susan said...

I went to the roller rink :) With my family...I enjoyed the joy of skating, really loud music and bright lights!

This time skating alone reminded me to smile and remember what it feels like to be young and full of possibilities! It was great fun...and I will go again soon:)

The Suhys said...

This Christmas break I decided to join Pinterest. I had been avoiding it like the plague, because I knew I would become addicted immediately! Well, that happened, but, I was able to do five projects both artistic, and crafty...THAT never seems to get done when I have a break. It was inspiring and creativity inducing just to look at all the fun things! Try it today!

Susan said...

I have heard of this! Will check it out:)

The Suhys said...

Are you an addict yet? :)