Monday, December 12, 2011

Artist Date December 12-19

 Visiting other artist's studios might be a way to enjoy an artist date!  Getting ideas from others is a valuable way to learn.  Take a look through your local arts directories, arts councils, chamber of commerce, and/or downtown development associations to find local artists in your area.   Enjoy experiencing the vast talents that are right in your home town!

Where have you been going lately for your artist dates?


Susan said...

I'll bet you can guess what my most recent artist date was... :) yep, I went to a local artist gallery! Julie Sanford in Grand Haven!

It was wonderful! I was able to pound on pennies and created a necklace:)

What are you up to?

The Suhys said...

I have been doing a little of the same, but in regard to turning my art classroom into a studio for my students. I have been looking online for great ideas, since I am jumping into TAB with wild abandon! I am conflicted as to how to do it. Read my blog post and weigh in!