Sunday, October 16, 2011

Artist Date October 17-23

Artist Date Weekly Reminder!

Where have you been visiting? What are you discovering? Are you creating time each week for your Artist Date?

Let us know! Leave a comment below on your artist date from last week...or what you will be doing this week!

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Susan said...

Big Artist Date for me this week...the colors of Asheville NC! While I am here for a creative conference, I will take time each day to observe and get creative ideas from nature and the town of Asheville!

The Suhys said...

Ok, fall is my favorite season and sometimes, even though I am an artist, I can't resist some of the crafty type things of this time of year! I made some little pumpkin jars for our next door neighbor kids. They are made out of canning jars painted orange, scrap paper decoupaged on the outside and a green ribbon on top. Next, they will be filled with treats! I will post photos soon. It was fun to do something simple and not too complex for a change! :) Happy Fall Y'all!

Susan said...

LOVE fall too! Enjoy the colors of the season...and creating for yourself and friends:)

Angie Briggs Johnson said...

My Artist date this week consisted of spending time in my yard, using foliage cuttings to create fall decorations for my house. I created a "nature sculpture" out of an old Tomato stake, bent it in the form of a pumpkin and covered it in dried grasses, sticks, and other foliage from my yard. Being in nature always inspires me creatively! I also love to use cast offs in innovative ways and turning them into beautiful things. I will post pictures to my blog and send a link soon! Happy Harvesting of your creativity!

asheville-nc said...

Click on my name to go to my blog and see the first images of my trip to Asheville, NC. I took time to walk each day and glimpse the crazy art woven into the architecture there! (more images to come...)